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Our goal is to make Rabbitty a trend. One that will stay and continuously evolve to the people’s needs. By doing this we are allowing people in our community to get more out of their hard earned money. We are providing them with a tool so they can spend wisely, spend more and get more, so they will be even happier.

Also, it is a great way to make Affiliated Companies more profitable. Affiliates will have a great competitive advantage and the best advertising of all, which is word of mouth! We also provide them with the ability to earn electronic money so they can use it towards their needs.

An amazing tool

The Community is built in a word of mouth structure. It will be amazing the amount of people and businesses that will be helped by the platform, from people earning rewards inviting new people to others taking advantage for the rewards they get. We believe to be consider a need in the near future because by looking back to the old times and not receiving rewards when doing a purchase would seem dumb.


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About Rabbitty

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